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For Professional Advisors

GCCF can assist you in helping your clients achieve their charitable objectives. This section of the website provides information on types of funds provided by GCCF, estate and gift planning, GCCF’s financial policies, special tax laws and opportunities for training. GCCF has received recognition for having organizational and financial practices that are in full compliance with National Standards for Community Foundations established by the Council on Foundations. Achievement of this recognition affirms our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability.

What does the Grant County Community Foundation do?

The Grant County Community Foundation serves organizations and donors in Grant County, Kansas. GCCF assists professional advisors and their clients with charitable gift planning.

What types of funds does GCCF offer?

GCCF provides a wide range of fund types, including Agency funds, Field of Interest funds, Community Betterment funds and donor-driven funds, through which individual donors and their families make charitable gifts to benefit their community and favorite causes.

How are donor-driven funds created?

These may be established as a donor-advised fund or a donor-designated fund.

With a donor-advised fund, the donor is actively involved in recommending grants from the fund to support communities or charitable activities that are of interest to them. One arrangement is to set up a gift as a permanent endowment in which the principal is invested, with a portion of the investment earnings used to make grants – thus assuring perpetuity. The other arrangement is known as non-permanent fund, where the principal and all investment earnings are available to make grants.

With a donor-designated fund, a donor makes a gift to establish a permanent endowment and designates specific charitable organizations to receive the endowment payout. This provides income for the designated charitable recipients in perpetuity.

What else should I know about GCCF?

GCCF was established in 2006 as a fund within the Western Kansas Community Foundation. In 2010, GCCF became a full affiliate of WKCF and since June 2017 has been an independent Community Foundation.  GCCF is governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of diverse community leaders. 



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