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GCCF Policies

Investment Policy

The purpose of GCCF’s Investment Policy is to communicate the investment objectives and guidelines established by the Board of Directors of the Western Kansas Community Foundation. It is intended to provide a clear and accurate understanding of all investment objectives, investment guidelines, and the criteria by which investment manager performance will be measured.

The investment policies were established after a thorough review of GCCF’s unique needs and circumstances, and a careful evaluation of the risk and potential returns from various mixes of equity, fixed income, cash equivalent and other securities.

This policy applies to all assets of the Grant County Community Foundation and its   funds and/or accounts that are designated as permanently endowed.

GCCF Investment policy (pdf)

Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines

The purpose of the Gift Acceptance Policy & Guidelines is to serve as a planning tool to guide the efforts of the Grant County Community Foundation, donors and their professional advisors in achieving donors’ charitable goals. The policy addresses the procedures for accepting various types of assets and the types of gift mechanisms that can be used. GCCF seeks to ensure that any assets it accepts do not place other assets of GCCF at risk and that gifted assets can be readily converted into cash.

This policy applies to all gifts to the Grant County Community Foundation, whether the gifts are for the benefit of an existing fund, to establish a new fund or to support the operations of GCCF.

GCCF Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines (pdf)


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