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A little planning, a big impact
                       What is important to you? 
 The church where you worship
• The schools your children attend
• Keeping a local hospital
• The 4-H program that helped mold your children’s character

How can you ensure that the things that make Grant County unique continue long after you’re gone?
Think about establishing a fund in the community foundation to continue your support for generations to come.

Discover the potential of the Transfer of Wealth

In Grant County alone estate wealth handed down from one generation to the next is:

$196 Million by 2020

1.5 Billion by 2064

Designating just 5% to our community could significantly improve the quality of life here for generations. 5% of the estimated TOW in Grant County is:

$9.8 Million by 2020

$79.9 Million by 2064

A good estate plan can care for your family, leave a legacy to your community and manage taxes. Information from a study by the Center for Economic Development and Research at Wichita State University. Our state is experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth, as estates change hands from one generation to the next. By 2020, the transfer of wealth in Kansas is estimated to be $79 billion, and will increase to $598 billion by 2064. Often people allocate their entire estate to their children, but as more people leave the communities where they were raised, much of this inferited wealth will leave Kansas. It’s increasingly important for Kansans to reinvest resources back into the places where they earned their living and enjoyed a good life.

If we Keep 5 in Kansas by capturing just 5% of this wealth transfer, up to $4 billion could go back into
our towns and cities by 2020. For Grant County, that is 9.8 MILLION BY 2020 that could be invested to provide sustainable funding for the causes that truly make a difference. Just imagine the possibilities!



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